Sunday, February 3, 2013

Many Days since car sickness

It's been a week, but I can safely say that I am no longer car sick. Actually I am quietly sitting at home relaxing after a long week. It has been a bit of a slog getting back in a normal state of affairs. Nausea really is a problem when you try to do mobile blogging.

Whistler was excellent, one of those places you feel you could live if you had tons of money. Mountains are better to experience in person. I am also a sucker for a town where you can walk everywhere. I am sure it is different for people who actually live there, but as a tourist you tend to believe everyone in Whistler skiis about there day.

Aside from the expensive food, I was about to do a tree top walk in the valley between the mountains. What was more exciting was trying out biathlon at the Olympic park. It's a combination of cross country and rifle shooting. I was surprised how much I like cross country skiing and how I turned out to be a pretty good shot. Mind you there is no recoil on the biathlon rifle, so it did have a video game field. It is one of my favorite sports to watch during the Olympic Games, and having now tried it I now have a greater appreciation of the distance involved.

In constrast, the tree top hike fit like an old glove. I always like a good hike and how could a hike on a series of platforms snaking through the tree tops of an ancient forest go wrong? One side fact that I need to check out is that the guide said Whistler is trying to become a sustainable community 2020. They seem to take the environment more seriously here, but it might be due to the fact there ecosystems are still intact versus Ontario's struggling green.

The oddest part of my Whistler trip is that I didn't do any downhill skiing. What is also surprising is that I don't feel I missed anything by not going down the slope. At least my daughter did in her ski school.

I recommend checking it out.


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  1. Oh, sounds like a great trip! I did Jasper a few years back and it was just gorgeous. Did you see any elk? How as Vancouver, too?