Thursday, August 8, 2013

A stretched out moment

To start with good news I am now a father again. My son has joined the world and so we are in the chaotic period of adjustment where we get use to our newborn and our newborn is getting use to the world. This time around seems that my son is more inclined to fall into a pattern than my daughter. It's a little early to predict, but it seems my son is the moon (calm and following some pattern) and my daughter the sun (ever present, full of energy). Still, it is early days.

The emotional journey has been far more exciting than what I have been upto physically. We have been watching Netflix (Sherlock from the BBC) and the Rick Steve's Europe DVDs I gave Steph as a gift. So far we have worked our way through Spain (which we hope to go to next year), and are almost through Paris. Rick Steve is a rather dorky fellow, but he is an excellent tour guide creator and we find each of his shows an excellent start to learning about a place.

I have putting in some solo board game play. Ticket to Ride and Kingdom Builder on the ipad and physically playing Urbion as well as reviewing my netrunner cards. Ticket to Ride has always been a challenge to me as it is one of the few games Steph will play and I am terrible at it. The ipad version is giving me a chance to get through a bunch of games and hopefully improve.

And although I am tired, I can honestly say I am relieved the birth is over and that we are in the process of settling in with two kids.