Sunday, October 3, 2010

Frosh did it too

My Frosh week was much more physical then some, and although I have heard of such questionnaires, I did not see one until Becky forwarded this one to me. Here are my answers:

a. What did you do on your last birthday? I had a rather rotten day at work, one should not work one’s birthday. Afterwards I picked up my daughter Z from day care and came home for a dinner of General Tso Tofu, followed by a short walk and playing with Z. The evening was spent with S after Z was asleep. Subdued but in a good way.

b. Name something awesome about you that you’ve never been able to market properly? My innate desire to know everything. This has a serious drawback of creating a perpetual doubt of my abilities, but it does lead to a kind interest in everything and everyone (“just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not important).I also hope it has led to an open mind. I have worked hard to override this desire as I simply can’t know everything or sit around reading in pursuit of this goal; the Internet has not helped with this. It is a hard thing to market outside of trivial pursuit circles.

c. What book do you have to resist trying to force other people to read? Anathem by Neal Stephenson. It involves philosophy, monks and mathematics. Three subjects most people avoid.

d. How good a swimmer are you? I’m an excellent swimmer as I took lessons up to Bronze Cross. My form is a bit rusty, but it’s still there. I thoroughly enjoy being in a body of water.

e. Ideal pet? Robot friend. If it must be biological then it would be a tie between a penguin and Pegasus.

f. If you don’t have to compromise with other diners or pay for extra toppings, what goes on the pizza? Pepperoni, extra cheese (or a mix of cheese), green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

g. Can you, in your own estimation but also from the viewpoint of the real word, sing? Yes, I’m not as good as my brother, but I can carry a tune if I stay in my octane and have the lung capacity to give it power.

h. What are you wearing right now? Typical weekend apparel; blue jeans, orange t-shirt with a pair of boxers and socks. This were acquired at the Eddie Bauer outlet in the summer.

i. When, in your opinion, is it appropriate to chew gum? Pretty much anywhere except weddings, funerals, job interviews, or where you care what a photo of you might look like. The disposal of the gum is more important (wrap it in paper and throw it in a garbage bin)

j. What book did you read as a teen that made you realize how smart and misunderstood and *deep* you are? The collected volumes of Doom Patrol. It was a superhero comic that introduced modern art/philosophy & historical concepts. I was engrossed in the strangeness of it, to the point of researching the series many references. The main characters were misfits (usually due to their abnormal knowledge of/experience with the bizarre) so I sort of related to their isolation (which my case was imaginary).

k. What magazine would you never buy yourself but always sort of hope is in the stack at the doctor’s office? Foreign Affairs. Interesting articles that take a very long time to read (and therefore would pile up in my house). It’s okay if they pile up at the doctor’s office.

l. Can you bake a pie? Yes, its quality would depend on the complexity of the recipe and the quality of the ingredients.

m. Who lives next door to you? What is your relationship like? I have never met my neighbor. Our relationship is that of strangers who never meet.

n. What is the easiest way for you to learn a new skill? Read about it briefly then practice it. If the skill is complex, I may need someone to show me how to do it a couple times.

o. What is that book you keep meaning to read and haven’t, and feel bad about every time it comes up in conversation? There are hundreds but the current top three are: Cyptonomonicon by Neal Stephenson, Under Heaven by GGK, and Infinite Jest by Wallace. They are big books on my shelf I need to finish.

p. What are you listening to right now? The city outside my window, my wife flipping the pages of the newspaper, the dryer tumbling, and my typing.

q. Do you remember what you wore on the first day of high school? If so what? If not, substitute some other important day when you remember what you wore. I am terrible remembering clothes as I tended to wear the same things for years till they are wore out and then I go out and buy a week’s worth of clothes again. I believe I work cords and a sweatshirt and had a terrible haircut.

r. What are you doing tonight? I believe I will be doing some writing, getting ready for the week (lunches, ironing etc.) and maybe watch an episode of Fringe, then read a bit of “How fiction works” before going to bed.

s. What’s the last thing you ate? A couple of carrots from the fridge.

t. Why did you do this questionnaire? A friend asked me to.

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