Sunday, March 29, 2015

Missing Reading

There are some pieces of your life that are old tree stumps; never really gone despite your neglect, contorting the land, their prescense known depsite overgrown weeds, able to fight off any attempt to pry them free. This blog is one such stump. Even when I am not writing it, which is often, it lurks in my mind. It is that extra pound you are always trying to lose or that great novel that sits unwritten in your mind; One of those things I should be doing.

It is in the same category as reading. Which has also been a struggle for me recently. I'm not sure if it is a lack of organization, shifting priorities, sleep, or competing interests that have significantly reduced my reading. If I wanted to guess it is when I moved from commuting by train to commuting by car to get my various family members where they needed to be. I didn't realize how many books that forty minute commute can get in. Radio is a poor substitute in some ways.

This blog post could be a case of sour grapes, but there is hope. I have been able to keep up with my book club readings. Which has kept my books read in a year above zero. My children are getting older and less disruptive of our sleep, giving the mind more energy. I even seem to be finding time to read the paper more.

In the past month I have read two novels and part one of a lenghty history of Japan's Showa era. I am also working through a book on the nature of the brain (how it organizes things). Once I have had a chance to give it some thought I will compose a post for here.

End of "I am still alive" post; more to come.

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