Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The bird and the cat

The past week has seem to involve discussions about animals. The main agent of these ecological seminars is my three tear old daughter. She is working through the behaviors of animals, which ones eat plants, which ones eat garbage, and which ones eat other animals.

In other, older, circles, the theme of animals have come up as well. At my work there has been a lot of discussions of peregrine falcons who inhabit the building across the way. I was able to attend part of the tagging ceremony and was impressed with the dedication of the volunteers working to recover a species. They even have a webcam.

I say this as someone who isn't really a birder and when considering our feathered friends, I prefer water fowl.

The other animals this week is my friend Becky starting to explore the video features of her camera. She made cats the focus of her experiments. See results below.People getting excited about cats. What's not to like.


Finally, I have been delving into web series with pa tv and geek and sundry. Felicia Day's the flog is a new thing for me and in the first episode I watched she had a link to baby animals in her favorite five things of the week.

Leaves me wondering what next week's theme will be.


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